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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HoW NoW?!!

My group, none of us brought the smartboard presentation. We left the thumbdrive back at house as we woke up late today. (The whole house woke up at 7.30a.m). Now that we have to present, we are blurr, do not know wat to do. Now, we don't even have a chance to show our group presentation and receive comments to imporve our smartboard teaching and learning activities..

HELP!!! However, we plan not to skip the class and concentrate on how other have did theirs and see the comments. Hopefully, it will be hellpful for us. huh!! what a terrible day. Well, it was our fault of forgetting things, so we are paying for it. Hopefully, we can still receive some guidance next week as we are not sure whether we are on the right track or not (especially, myself).
thank you.


kyox said...

hi ka~~next time ka, send a copy of ur assignment to ur email(cc it~)..then u can access it from anywhere~~lolz

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